Jill Schmidt Well Known and Trusted Psychic Medium Testimonials


"I wasn't really sure what I was looking for with regards to connecting to my mom and dad but I got exactly what I needed. The fact that they both came through was so powerful and emotional to me. It helped settle something inside me that needed quieting and I am so grateful to you for sharing your gift with me."


| J.M. | Atlanta, G.A. |

"Life Changing! Going to see Jill was one of the best decisions I've ever made! I wanted to communicate with my brother. She helped give me peace, confirmation, comfort, and understanding! I felt 1,000 pounds lighter after the reading. There are really no words that can truly describe my experience, other than life changing!"

| S.E. | Greenville, S.C. |

"Answers and Light....Jill, has the ability to put you at ease and help you to understand the messages she gives. Her heart is full of compassion and made me feel as if I am not so alone. I will be seeking her reading and messages again soon!"

| K.D. | Greenville, S.C. |

"This visit was absolutely amazing. My friend and I went to see Jill. It was amazing to watch her work. She gave so much information that was on point. She is truly blessed with a God given talent. I will be going back to her again. I highly recommend her to everyone who wants to connect with their dearly departed. Thank you Jill for the truly amazing reading."

| L.S. | Travelers Rest, S.C. |

"Jill gave me a Psychic reading and knew things that there was no way of her knowing. After the reading, I felt like I had direction in my life. As a result, I manifested postive changes in my career as well as my personal life."

| A.P. | Peidmont, S.C. |

"Go See Jill! I went to Jill for a medium reading. The reading helped me connect with someone I lost and she made it happen! Jill is very easy to talk to, and very good at what what she does! She is very talented and I highly recommend seeing her."

| Grace K. | Greenville, S.C. |

"I visited Jill for the first time yesterday. I was extremely skeptical but within 5 minutes I was comfortable with Jill and the experience. My validation took less than 2 minutes. My dad and mom came through, however, dad dominated the conversation. The validation continued throughout the entire session and I was given the confirmation and closure that I needed to begin my healing process. I can't say enough great things about Jill and this gift that she has been given. Again, she knew things that only I knew. This is a real experience and I found comfort in knowing that someone as compassionate as Jill was used to communicate my message to me. Until I walked through her doors, I had never met her but when I left, I felt like I had known her for a lifetime. Thank you Jill for the gift. It will be treasured in my heart for a lifetime. I look forward to my next reading."

| I.M. | Greenville, S.C. |

"I struggled with the death of my grandmother and coming to see Jill was the best decision I've ever made. Being able to hear from my grandmother, to receive affirmation that she is happy & still with me was the greatest gift I could have ever received. I plan to visit Jill many times in the future. It was the most amazing thing I've ever got to experience!"

| H.W. | Greenville, S.C. |

"Jill was incredible. She immediately connected with my Papa who I knew little about yet shared so much personal and intimate information. I really appreciate her and her ability to connect with those who have passed before us. It gave me a sense of closure and ultimately left me very happy."

| A.J. | North Carolina |

"The time spent with Jill was very therapeutic and gave us some clarity and answers. The experience with her was a great birthday gift to my wife. My wife hasn't stopped talking about it. The guidance that came through regarding career and family made us feel better about our future."

| Joseph R. | Greenville, S.C. |

"Jill is amazingly in tune! She gave my husband and me a reading over the phone, while we were away from home. She warned us of something swarming around a large yellow object. We returned to our home which is yellow, a few weeks later and found termites. We quickly contacted pest control and prevented much damage! We are very thankful!"

| A.W. | Rosewood, F.L. |

"Jill is spot on. She hit everything correctly. I had asked my parents to send me a certain sign from each of them. She told me the exact signs I had asked for, so I knew she was the "Real Deal". She is totally believable and trustworthy. She is so easy to talk with, doesn't make you feel "odd" about anything you ask her. I am so at peace now that I know my parents are again healthy and happy. I cant wait to go back and have another reading. Very rewarding Experience."

| C.R. |  Greenville, S.C. |

"Jill Schmidt, is the most natural, incredibly gifted Clairvoyant Psychic Medium I have ever met.  She is a beautiful soul coming from her heart and has a loving, compassionate professional way of making you feel at ease as she is guided through spirit relaying information from your loved ones in spirit.

I first met Jill a year ago at a Reiki session at which time she asked me if I had a loved one pass whose first name began with a “K”. My head spun because I did have a daughter whose name began with a “K” who had passed six years prior due to a drug overdose. She and I had been at odds for many years and we had a lot of unresolved issues at her time of death. Jill told me my daughter’s spirit was around me wanting to come through and talk to me when the timing was right.  Jill did not know me before or anything about me because I had just moved into the area a year and a half ago. Jill and I met again recently and had a session where my daughter came through. It was the most powerful, profound, joyful, heart rendering, healing experience of my life. All of our issues were resolved and I feel at peace and have closure now. 


I am so grateful and thank you Jill for facilitating this experience. I recommend Jill Schmidt, Clairvoyant Psychic Medium to everyone in need of healing with their loved ones in spirit. She is the best!"

| H.M. | Travelers Rest, S.C. |

"I contacted you to do a reading for my sister.  Thank you for the reading you did for her. My mom came through as you beautifully spoke the words my sister has been waiting to hear. She shared with me your reading down to my mom's favorite color! I love you Jill and thank you from my heart for your talent and amazing connection to Spirit."

| M.B. |  Los Angeles, C.A. |

"I feel a sense of relief and peace! Jill is amazing. She was accurate indescribing my son's traits and the messages she relayed from him were exactly what I would have expected from him. I will recommend her to everyone I know without hesitation. Thank you, Jill, for giving me a sense of peace."

| Patty M. |  Philadelphia, P.A. |

"I have met many mediums and psychics in my life.  I have not ever experienced the powerful healing and guidance as I have with Jill Schmidt.  Jill had done many readings for me, in which I have heard from my brother, grandparents, and even “Klyde”, a distant relative I had no idea existed, until confirming with my dad.  The psychic reading I had with Jill gave me clear guidance to focus my direction in life.  It empowered me with the confidence to move forward in the life direction my heart has been desiring to do. My life has been incredibly enhanced from my experiences with Jill. The capacity of healing Jill offers in her readings are profoundly life enhancing."  

| Becky R. | Travelers Rest, S.C. |

"Exhilarating! I've had two other readings, different psychics, this one left me feeling AMAZING. I felt sooo happy. I can't explain why, and not just bc the info was correct, loving and uplifting, but something strong and beautiful resonated thru and with her. It was like a "loving high." She has an unlimited amount of loving guidance. I was absolutely thrilled to have found her. I was also delighted her sessions were affordable and you don't have to wait months for an appt. I'm so glad we (South Carolina) has someone as special her....." 

| L.C. | Columbia, S.C. |

"I have been struggling with the recent passing of my mother. I have had several readings with other mediums that were just ok. Jill was exactly what I was looking for and needed. She was spot on with her messages from my parents and passing information that 100% validated my parents are with me at all times. I will be making periodic appointments with Jill whenever I want to "hear" from my loved ones and have already recommended her to others- Thanks Jill!"

|M.K.| Baltimore, M.A. |

"Jill gave me a Psychic reading and knew things that there was no way of her knowing. After the reading, I felt like I had direction in my life and I manifested postive changes in my career as well as my personal life as a result."

|A.S.| Charlotte, N.C. |

"I am completely blown away! Jill was amazing! I was pretty nervous going into my reading, but Jill has such a way of making you feel comfortable and right at home. Very professional and personable at the same time! My Medium reading has brought me so much peace and comfort. I'm so happy I made the decision to see her. She was worth every penny!!"

|J.C.| Greenville, S.C. |

"Jill is simply awesome!"



| P.G. | Greenville, S.C. |

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